Wisconsin Lottery

The Wisconsin Lottery offers players more chances to win from a wide range of games ranging from large jackpot drawings to fun and easy scratch instant tickets. No matter the occasion, the chance to win big and strike it rich is available all day long, every day of the week. Choosing what game to play depends on preference, and many gamers take a chance on more than one at a time.

Starting with the big pay out games, the Mega Millions and the Powerball, these two games offer the chance to win a minimum of 15 million dollars, four times a week. Each game has similarities and differences, but the overall object is the same to win the grand prize. Tickets start at only one dollar, and both games offer multipliers and power balls.

Instant tickets are a fun and popular way to scratch into winnings, and there are about 75 different games to choose from. Tickets and games range from simple one dollar three of a kind tickets to bingo and crossword games. Designed to offer customers a wide range of fun options, these are great gifts for people that are hard to shop for, and they are perfect to include in birthday and holiday cards.

The proceeds from tickets sold are given back to the community through property tax relief, so all residents benefit from playing the lottery. Additionally, they also guarantee that no less than half of the proceeds will be directed towards jackpots. This is great news for players who are concerned that the state is getting rich off of the lottery.

The Wisconsin Lottery offers more chances to win than ever, and they even offer a second chance drawing as well. Simply mail in non winning tickets that have not expired yet. The jackpots are smaller, but they make an easy way to get something rewarding from tickets that didn't win during the drawing.